Every organization needs a marketing budget, and that marketing budget should be used judiciously to get the biggest bang for the buck. One way to get the most out of your marketing dollars is to give promotional products to your customers. The range of items that can be used to keep your organization’s name before the public is endless. Whether yours is a Fortune 500 company, a school or nonprofit, there are all types of promotional products that your customers, clients or stakeholders will appreciate.

Why Use Promotional Products?

Promotional products are like three dimensional business cards. However, unlike business cards that are easy to drop or get mixed in with papers or items inside of a purse or briefcase, promotional items are designed to be used or seen. When you print your organization’s name and contact information on a promotional product, the product does the marketing for you and what’s more, depending on the item, people could see the information for years.

Promotional Products Remind People of Who to Call

Suppose you to run a heating and air conditioning business, and you set up an exhibit at a home-improvement expo for consumers. As part of your exhibit, you provide a free pen with the name of your company and contact information. On a hot summer day when a consumer’s central air unit fails, and they desperately need it repaired, there is a good chance that they will look for that pen and give your company a call. The same is true if your information is printed on a very nice calendar that a consumer does not mind hanging on the wall of his or her home.

Choose the Right Promotional Product for Your Audience

It is important to choose promotional products that will appeal to your audience and make the product practical. One promotional product that is popular across all age group is the T-shirt. People enjoy getting them free. They are great for casual wear during anytime of the year, and they make good comfortable tops for sleeping. If your company can afford to give away T-Shirts with an athletic team’s name on the front and promotional information on the back, the return on the investment can be phenomenal. Why? Because fans will wear those T-shirts over and over to sporting events and people who walk or sit behind them will see your organization’s information.

If you have not considered using promotional products, maybe speak to a registered promotional product supplier and give them a try. If your budget is limited, you could try pencils or even candy with wrappers imprinted with your organization’s name.