About Us

Our history
Hartley Management Group was formerly Hartley Educational Consultants, founded by its Managing Director, Graham Teague, in November 1990. Its foundations were laid in
professional development for staff in schools, which evolved from Graham’s 20 years in secondary school teaching and educational administration.

So why Hartley?
John Anderson Hartley is remembered as one of the pioneers of Australian education. When he died in 1896, at age 42, he was mourned as “South Australia’s leading educationalist, a founder of the University of Adelaide and architect of the state elementary school system. A brilliant administrator, his main achievement was to create a centralized Department of Education with a beaucratic tradition which long survived him.”

Pioneers of Australian Education Volume 2, Editor C Turney, p149

Our evolution …

Over the years, the company’s focus has broadened to encompass:

  • professional development across all sectors, specialising in the management of seminars, meetings and conferences; and
  • the sale and servicing of products that enhance professional development activities.

Today, we are acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading meetings management companies, renowned for providing quality, value and innovation – a claim supported by client testimonials and through significant success in industry awards at State and national levels.

Our values

  • We value honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business operation
  • We value loyal partnerships with our suppliers
  • We value life-long learning for our staff
  • We value the contribution of our staff to the development of our business
  • We value the success of our clients
  • We value opportunities to contribute to the development of our industry
  • We value opportunities to contribute to our community and to our environment